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Solar Thermal

Solar Inverter

Solar array produces DC energy output. The Dc energy, thus produced has to be utilized to maximum and supplied to the dc bus foe inverting to AC voltage.

Power Conditioning Unit does exractly this job using its MPPT control to extract maximum energy from solar array and provides 415Vac, 3-ph 50Hz to synchronize, it has protection features such as, over current, short circuit, cver temperature to name a few. It has user friendly LCd display for programming and view on line parameters. The typical specification is listed out below.

Make: Solivia Delta Energy (CS 44) Technology: MPPT Solar Inverter

Quantity: 1

Nominal Ac Power:50 kw

Maximum output Power:44.4 kw

Ac Voltage:3 Phase 415V, +/-10%

Frequency:50 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion: <3%

Ac Over Voltage Protection:Yes

Phase Shift (Cos Phi):1

PV Entries:3

Maximum DC Voltage:880 V

MPPT Voltage Range:450-800 V

Dc Voltage Ripple: <3%

Dc Over voltage Protection:yes

Maximum Efficiency:95.6%

Degree Of Protection:IP54

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