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Solar Thermal

Photovoltaic warm water storage system

Ecological and efficient hot water by solar power

The system is available in two versions, as a DC system (uses the direct current of the PV modules) or as an AC system (uses the alternating current of the inverter).

In the DC system, you can operate the PV heater with 6 to 8 PV modules as an autonomous system (without a battery, the hot water tank is used as an energy storage tank). With an approx. 2 KW PV panel field and a 1.675 KW DC-ELWA PV-heater, you are able to heat a 100-500l water tank. The DC system has its own seperated current cycle and is not connected to the house power grid or public grid. The following graphic shows a DC system (AC system explanations you can find in the below data hseet download).

DC system (autonomous system, seperated current cycle, independent from house power grid, independent from public grid):

The photovoltaic warm water storage system "ELWA" allows a technically much simpler solution compared to conventional solar thermal systems, because electrical wires are much faster to install than "pipes for hot water production".

The system itself consumes less than two watts and operates in comparison to high efficiency pumps extremely energy efficient. The simple installation of only two DC wires causes practically no losses between the PV panels and storage / boiler (for comparison, solar thermal systems suffer partial losses of over 15 percent).

  • Use 100% of your PV energy for electrical heating!

  • Reduce heating costs!

  • Lower price than solar thermal systems

  • No need for grid connection permits

  • Full function during grid blackouts

  • AC backup heating included

  • 2 pcs x PV-Heaters for layer charge

  • 1 x PV-Heater combined with poly crystalline PH-265P-60 PV panels: 8 x 265W = 2.12 KWp 

  • 1 x PV-Heater combined with mono crystalline PH-300M-60 PV panels: 8 x 300M = 2.4 KWp 

  • increace your independency level 

  • reduce your water heating costs   

AC system (PV-heater will be integrated into the existing or new PV system, uses power surplus for hot water):

In the AC system, the PV-heater operates as a further consumer within a PV system. The power surplus (excess current) from the PV system is therefore used for the heating of the water storage tank.AC-ELWA PV-heater has 3 KW power and the price of EUR 831 net (incl. sensor) only is very cheap in comparison to conventional energy storage units (e.g. solar batteries).

The principle of the PV-heater is applicable for all types of PV systems:

DC System - Autonomous (Off-grid) PV system without batteries (warm water tank acts as energy storage)

AC System - Grid-connected (On-Grid) PV system without batteries

AC System - Grid-connected (On-grid) PV system with batteries

AC System - Autonomous (Off-grid) PV system with batteries

You can order the PV-Heater either as a single component or as part of an individual PV system package.

Prices (net plus 19% German VAT tax):

DC-ELWA (1,675 W) PV-Heater: €624.00 (plus freight)

DC ELWA (2.12 KWp) PV Package (completed set):

8 x PH-265P-60 PV Panels (265W poly crystalline)

1 x DC ELWA (1,675 W) PV-Heater

1 x mounting material set (standard) acc. material list

Free delivery in Germany

DC ELWA PV Package price: €2,350.00 net (regular price)

Special price offer till Dec 21, 2016: (Warm water storage system) DC-ELWA PV Package (complete, all-in), regular price €2,350, Special price €2,200, FOB Germany, prices, for German and private EU customers please add 19% German VAT tax, free delivery in Germany, Special price offer - order deadline Dec 21, 2016 !

AC-ELWA (3,000 W) PV-Heater incl. 3-phase sensor: €831.00 (plus freight)

AC ELWA PV Package individually offered upon request!

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