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Photon Solar Germany

Photon solar Photovoltak Handel GmbH, located in Dusseldorf - Erkrath, Germany, is a specialist in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency with focus on photovoltaics (solar power). Photon solar - Germany is a solar panel manufacturer and photovoltaic system house. 2009 the company started as distributior of solar panels in Germany and soon developed as one of the leading photovoltaic wholesalers in Europe.

The first Photon solar panels have been installed on the roof of a school in Dusseldorf, Germany and as of today they perform above-average (see roof top PV system references).

Since 2010 Photon Solar manages its own professional installers team offering PV system installations for commercial and pride customers in the local area, as well system design and engineering support for large PV farm projects in foreign countries.

In the year 2012, Photon Solar provided more than 1,000 PV systems to installers and customers in Denmark.

Photon Solar is a manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic panels of the "PH-series" made by various production lines in the PH-ASIA series are usually offered cheaper because they are made with standerd compaonents such as standard solar glass etc.

All type of panels of teh Photon Solar PH-series are produced with high-efficient A-Grade crystalline cells, IEC certified by the German manufacture (mono crysalline PH-EU series 30 years guarantee). Strict production control in accordance to high German production standards.

Photon Solar Production Range

1- Panels (all size, mono- & poly crystalline).

2- ON-GRID PV Systems.

3- ON-GRID Backup PV Systems.

4- OFF-GRID PV Systems (station)

5- Customized PV Systems on request (panels, invertes, assembly, wires, connectors, batteries)

6- PV Water Pump Systems (Irrigation)

7- PV PARK LAMPS & STRET LIGHTS (off-grid and on-grid backup)

8- PV-Heater (PV warm water Heating System)


10- Energy Storage Syatems/Energy Container

11- INVESTMENTS into profitable PV power plants (guarantee feed-in, PPA, re-insured)

Photon Solar PV Panels Overview & Prices

The following is a an overview of the solar panels of the PHOTON SOLAR PH-series. For more info such as data sheet and prices, please click on the link of the selected panel type.

Standard-frame sizes (60-cells, 156x156mm):

PHOTON SOLAR production lines 
25 years manufacturer guarantee from Germany 
panel type  power (Wp)   cell type  panel size 
HIGH POWER - series  
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH 
PH-300M-60   300W Mono  crystalline 1640x992x40mm
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH 
280W, 290W Mono crystalline  1650x990x42mm
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH  
PH-XXXM-60 DE Full Black  280W, 290W Mono crystalline  1650x990x42mm
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH
PH-XXXP-60 DE   250W, 260W, 270W  Poly crystalline 1650x990x42mm
MADE IN EU - series 
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH  
PH-XXXP-60 EU  250W, 260W  Poly crystalline  1640x990x40mm
STANDARD - series (Top Seller)
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH 
PH-XXXP-60  260W, 265W  Poly crystalline 1640x981x40mm
PREMIUM international - series (NON-EU) 
Manufacturer: PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH 
250W, 260W   Poly crystalline 1640x992x40mm
Photon Solar Services
  • Professional System Design

  • Photovoltaic Wholesale/ Metarial Supply

  • After Sale Services

  • Professional Tunkey Installation (Local And Germany)

  • Installation And Engineering Support

  • Investors Relations

  • Photon Solar serves customer orders from all over the word, but concentrates on the following domestic and internatinaol markets.
  • - Local PV system installations (turn-key projects, Zero-energy or plus-energy-buildings): Germany
  • - Pv panels and system supply (regularly buying customers): Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Morocco, Cape Verde Islands, Ukraine
  • PV projects and long-term investments: Fukushima/ Japan
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